Prayer for Comfort

Lord Jesus, you are the shepherd of the church, the mediator between God and men who gave yourself a ransom for us who believe on you. You are my faith, you are my hope, you are my salvation, you maketh me to lie down in green pastures, you are my leader in troubled times. You restoreth my soul when cast down, lead me to do right and in the path of righteousness for your name sake (that I might be representative of the Son of God).

Even though times are evil and the shadow of death hangs over the world, let me not fear but believe that your angels are with me and let thy spirit comfort me, let the goodness and mercy of God in you follow me all the days of my life. Help me to look upward with confidence and toward courage. Help me to understand you more that I might speak of your glory. Grant me the grace to live by faith that I might be pleasing to the cause. If I have fallen short in love for you restore me with your pity and strengthen me with your spirit. Forgive me all my sins, especially where I have been indifferent (not realizing my need for the Son of God whom God the Father have sent to the world to bless me).

I pray for my enemies and those that are close to me, I pray that they be not charged with the offenses against me but that they be forgiven as I pray that you forgive me for my wrong that I have caused. I thank you for preservation of me, keeping me from all harm and danger, I thank you for my health and that it is as well as it is. Whatever I am you made me. (Thank you.)

I pray for your remembrance of others who are sick and in sorrow who’s heart has been wounded and they might think that life is against them; convey to their heart that sin is our enemy and not life.

Lord Jesus I need your power in my life, keep me with a mind to pray, receive my prayer in your name. (In Jesus name…Amen)

If you would like for Bishop Love to personally pray for you or someone you know in need, email the bishop at

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