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Pt. 20 – The Day Of The Lord

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  1. michael williamson
    August 26th, 2010 at 07:44 | #1

    hey now!!, here's another hot message. Bishop Love is on fire, are all of you out there getting this? this man speaks the truth, and i got to get there to the truth.i don't want to miss out, and not recieve my blessing.i know the Bishop was called as the church would say, because there is no way he could have this type of understanding and knowledge to such high degree and not be of Lord. the Bishop knows the truth and i'm listening.Now if the church world don't like the Bishop because they refuse to believe the truth, then all i can say is i'm a supporter and believer of what the Bishop is saying because i would hate to live my whole life chasing a lie or put my belief in a lie and the truth is right before me and i refuse to believe and then fall short of my salvation.i know i will not get to the Lord without except i be led by the bishop.so maybe people should search there own soul and really see where the truth lay at, and if your answer ain't the Bishop Love then you need to search the truth out again. but i see and i need to be near but for the moment the broadcast is my life line until i make it to a seat in the temple of prayer.and when i make it you'll never get me to leave.i have lived a very sinful,hellish life and serving the devil at every end and didn't realize it, but i have been awakened and wide open every since. i don't need to be accepted by anyone except the Bishop.and if he accepts me then i am truely satisfied, because their is no one in this world that can offer what he has to give.more valuable than anything anything that the world has to offer or should i say the devil…time is short and i'm trying to get there before it's to late, to whom ever feel like that these messages is rutine…well get up out your seat and let me have it and i'll show you how to appreciate it because i need this and the Bishop….thanks for hearing me but i'm exploding with anticepation to be fed, i need all i can get. EXCELLENT MESSAGE!!!!!!!

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