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Pt. 16 – The World Becomes The Church

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  1. michael williamson
    July 4th, 2010 at 09:20 | #1

    another inspiring message that always seem to hit home, and i'm loving this lucifer series. it's the absolute truth. as i live my life in this world and times and i am one who has lived a sinful life trying to find some peace of mind. i found out that there is no truth out here and the only peace i find within myself is when i tune into these messages. i am learning alot and sharing what i've learned to all that will hear me. you have made some real good points about who the devil is in this world. even though i know that many will reject the truth but thats what keeps me encouraged because i know that the words you speak had to be delievered to you with an understanding. but the world is so busy trying to have God thier way that they refuse to hear the truth. but now that i've heard your teachings on lucifer it helps me in my everyday because i apply it to my living and choose to live by it. i don't think nothing this powerful can go ignored. it helps me see things more clear. and all i can say is, i was blind but now i see…and i'm pushing foward toget to where the truth is and claim my seat.so to all that view these broadcast i hope you can see that those seats in the temple are priceless and i just want mine….you can't find comfort,truth,love and THE LORD in the midst of devils, you need the BISHOP E.M.LOVE in your life as well as mine . i believe if you know te Bishop you'll know the Lord because thats who the Lord has sent to deliever us. that's why his messages stand out and sound diffrent that others. people please recognize the truth and where it is in this world. i got to run to it, not away from it. i'll feel safe once i've made it there because there is where the truth is….keep that devil running and still i'm going to keep eating,because i always need more………….

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