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Pt. 15 – The Blasphemed Church

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  1. michael williamson
    July 6th, 2010 at 16:37 | #1

    WATCH OUT!!!now this message is explosive.i love the way you broke down the meaning of blastpheme.i never would have guessed the devil could heal peolpe, but i see what your saying and it makes perfect since. and i believe there is plenty of people who will be condemmed,for that very reason that they all claiming to have God.and your right that's a big insult. but since i've been listening to your lucifer series i feel like i see things a little clearer in my everyday life. i catch myself thinking about how much the devil is all around me and the truth is where the Bishop is, and much i want to make it to a seat in the house. i can just imagine how good it must be to be there in person to see and hear a great man.and if anyone recognize who the bishop is you would never want to leave the sound of the bishops' voice or his presence for he is the key to your life. i have never in my life heard a person speake as the Bishop does. just think a minute that wisdom and understanding didn't come from no book. that only can come from the Lord. and for those who are there at the temple of prayer i know it must feel good to be there, like an honor,but i tell you that i'm fighting hard to get me a place in the temple.so please keep me in your prayers, sometimes it's hard to escape a hellous life but i got my eyes and ears on the bishop so i don't feel like i can loose, he is life and i know where to go….this is your time bishop and even though i am far away i still fill my house with the sounds of your voice. keep feeding me i ain't full yet! don't let up on that world, put it to them, step on some toes, ain't nothing wrong with that.If your trying to wake the world up? you doing a good job! i just want to be on that boat with you, it don't matter what job i got to do on the boat or where i got to sit or stand as long as i'm on that boat with you…

  2. Delois
    July 21st, 2010 at 09:06 | #2

    Hallelulah Michael!!!……..This is Delois hope you remember me…

    I enjoy reading your messages after you have listened to one of Bishop's sermons for truly all his messages but especially the "Lucifer" series is a masterpiece. He said it's the only thing that needs to be preached right now. I think you express yourself well trying to show the joy you recieve in listening. I can see that you are believing and recieving the things you hear and that's not easy to do. There are a lot of people listening but very few hear.

    You are right it's good to have a seat in the house and we that are here should consider it a priviledge to be under the teachings of this great man. I hope that one day you will be able to move here as you wish, I understand you are trying to get your family together but you are doing it the right way, you are believing Bishop "first" for Bishop is our faith in Christ.

    Continue to listen and as you listen and believe Bishop you are lining yourself up with him and all the other things you want to happen will be added to you. Whatever Bishop abound on earth the Lord will abound in heaven that's what give Bishop's prayers power. Lucifer owns everything in the world but he does not own the one the Lord has sent to teach us. I just want to be an encouragement to you I joy with you when I read your messages. Even being with Bishop 37 years I like the feel of encouragement. Hope we can continue to correspond and maybe others will join in. We love you….

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