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Pt. 07 – Perilous Times

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  1. michael williamson
    June 13th, 2010 at 15:18 | #1

    i just got through listening to another explosive message.i love this one,i see everything your talking about.thats exactly how the world,the people and the churches are. you hit the nail on the head.i can relate to just about everything you said.i've been talking like that for years, and your right ,if you try to install order,they will put you out.i've been there a few times myself.so i know you are right about what you say. but then again i never doubt anything you say anyway.even though my living ain't the best i still believe everything i was ever taught and i have taken it with me all these years as the truth and a guide for my soul. and when i feel lost i always remember that my true home is where ever you are preaching the gospil at.my biggest regret is that i am not there.i always feel like the story of the partical son but i stay praying for my way home,and i believe if i don't give up i'll make it back some day.there's nothing out here thats more valuable than your words. that's a priceless gift and those who here it live should consider themselves to be blessed to have a seat in the temple. thats what i'm striving for.and i know then my soul will rest.eep preaching and i'm gone keep listening feeding myself.

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