Temple of Prayer Christian Center

The Temple of Prayer Christian Center, with Bishop E.M. Love, could be called the "place." A place that is very special. The specialty of this place is that it's a place that embodies the spirit of Christ, with an expression that is scriptural. It is a place that is vibrant with excitement and love for the truth.

Browse through the many messages of the gospel that we have on this site on the pages listed above such as, "In The Name of Jesus" & "The Resurrection". Each week we will make Bishop Love's latest sermon available for you to listen or download in the Recent Sermons section. It will be quite obvious to you that the Lord is in this place.

The Temple of Prayer's Power of Believing television broadcast is no longer limited to the Sacramento Region. RCCTV is simultaneously streaming live from their official website! Click the image above to tune in Sunday's at 9:00am Pacific to watch!

Also, as part of our newly redesigned site, we are proud to present our subscription via RSS feature. Simply choose the subscription method of your choice and you will be automatically notified when the weekly sermon has been posted. Please visit us as often as you would like.

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